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Styling: My home office

Here are some new pictures of my home office that I styled this week and that were photographed by Jonathan Gooch.

The piece of furniture that takes centre stage is the Ladderax system, a modular shelving and storage system created by Robert Heal in 1964 for Staples of Cricklewood, London. I just love it! You can mix and match the sections ’til your heart’s content.

If you want to know where you can buy the things from my office, read below:

1. Wallpaper, Anaglypta. 2. Ladderax shelving system, Material Cultures. 3. Plants, Ikea. 4. Industrial desk lamp (my brother-in-law made this for us!) buy similar from Skinflint design. 5. Hay tray table in white, Nest. 6. Wishbone chair by Hans Wegner, Aram Store. 7. Kafe desk lamp in light grey (on writing desk), Dove Mill.

Ladderax_5.8.13- 015 1

Ladderax_5.8.13- 024

Ladderax_5.8.13- 035

Ladderax_5.8.13- 058

Ladderax_5.8.13- 078

Ladderax_5.8.13- 084



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4 Responses
  • Ooooh, LOVE all of this. Totally green with envy!

  • Dara
    August 9, 2013

    That skateboarding picture is so awesome…and I love all the green in your office!! Great photo’s too.

  • Maryam @
    August 17, 2013

    Your brother-in-law made the lamp! Now that’s the kind of talent I’d like my in-laws to be blessed with.

    The office looks sensational – makes me think I need to have a serious tidy-up of my desk and create something equally stylish.

    • Lucy Gough
      August 18, 2013

      Thanks guys for your lovely comments! x

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