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Bringing the outside in: San Sebastian

Outside In_san sebastian orange

Look at that colour! I promise there was no filter when I took this picture. (and it was a few years ago, before instagram filters became a thing!)

This was taken in San Sebastian in 2009. I have blogged about San Sebastian before here. It was such an amazing place where it seemed like every night the sky was a different colour. You felt like you could just reach out and touch the sunset!

When you are re-decorating your space, or coming up with a creative concept I find that you can always look to the landscape for colour inspiration. I would never really think of putting orange and black together as I prefer more tonal colours, but you can see from this picture of the harbour, that it can really work. It may not be the colour combination that you would use in your sitting room, but the colours would make for a striking studio space!

If you wish to bring any part of the San Sebastian sunset into your place, or  just to be inspired by homewares that you may never have seen before, (I bet you never guessed that item number 2 is wallpaper!) then check out the items above.

Lucy x

1. Armadillo ceiling light, Do-shop | 2. Rock wallpaper, Mr Perswall | 3. Sea Chair, Studio Swine | 4. Echeveria Black Prince plant, | 5. Marble Platters, Stone Theatre at Darkroom

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2 Responses
  • Carole Poirot
    December 15, 2013

    What a great image to draw interiors inspiration from! No, I have to say that I wouldn’t necessarily pair orange and black in my home, but the pieces you’ve chosen do work nicely together. Maybe I need a rethink 😉

    • LucyGough
      December 16, 2013

      Thank you Carole! I still can’t believe that the orange of that sunset was real, I feel very lucky that I got to see it with my own eyes! When you decide to paint your bedroom orange, let me know 😉

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