Bringing the Film In: Beaches

Film Outside In_Beaches

Main Image via The Polished Pebble

I just love the film Beaches. It’s one of Bette Midler’s best performances, ever. I love that her character is mad as a box of frogs and at the same time remaining the rock in her straight-laced best friends life.

Do you remember the beach house that they would go and visit in the summer? That’s the actual beach house above. You can still go and visit the house in Crystal Cove in California if you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood.

I love the visual contrast between the sandy cliffs, the minty coloured picket fence and the wooden shingles on the exterior of the house. I have noticed a trend for shingles in architecture recently as well as furniture. I see that Yellowtrace has too in this great feature you can see, here!

If you want to bring a bit of the Californian coast into your place, check out the items above!


1. Collect Cabinet by Sara Larsson for A2 | 2. Chance paint, Crown Paint | 3. Grace Pendant, Heal’s | 4. Harlequin Floreale Double Duvet, Floreale Oxford Cushion and Strata Cushion at Bedeck Home | 5. Pomapoma Cushion, The Jay St. at John Lewis | 6. Turquoise Kelim Rug, Urban Outfitters | 7. Rattan Laundry Basket, Lombok.

Bringing the Film In: Reaching for the Moon

Film in_Reaching for the moon2

Main image via Chroma Design Collective

Hi All,

Todays Bringing the Film In is one of my favourite films of 2013. Reaching for the Moon (Flores Raras as it’s known in Brazil) is a true love story involving Elizabeth Bishop (one of the most famous female American poets of the 20th century) and Lota de Macedo Soares a brilliant self-taught architect from Brazil. Lota is well known in design circles as being the visionary behind the Flamengo Park in Rio.

The film is set in the 1950’s and 1960’s against a backdrop of incredible mid-century design. Think of the set of Single Man with Colin Firth but with a mainly female cast. Stunning retro furniture and a colour palette of of earthy tones like sage green, ochre yellows and salmon reds. It’s a feast for the eyes!

The main image above is a still from the film of Lota’s home in Brazil that she designed herself. She was a true visionary, never allowing anyone to stand in her way when it came to expressing her creativity.

If you want to bring a bit of Reaching for the Moon into your home then check out the items above!


1. Turini black cutlery, Habitat | 2. Scott 3-seat sofa, | 3. Tiara tray, Marimekko at Amara | 4. Asti side table by Jader Almeida, The Conran Shop | 5. Axis vase, 6. Spring flower rug,

Bringing the Film in: Midnight in Paris

Outside in_Midnight in Paris

Hi All,

This week’s ‘Bringing the Film in’ is of the wonderful movie Midnight in Paris, directed by Woody Allen. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy watching Owen Wilson in a serious role but he didn’t disappoint! It was such a charming film. I think I may even have watched it twice.

It’s the story of a couple – Gil and Inez when they travel to Paris with Inez’s parents. Gil is a successful Hollywood writer but struggling to write his first novel and feels that it will be the best place for inspiration as he is lured by the glamour, romance and beauty of the historic city. The film goes between current-day and golden-age 1920’s Paris in a very clever way.

It’s well worth a watch, and if you want to bring a bit of the film into your home then check out the items I’ve sourced above!

Enjoy! x

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1. Acacia Rug, Woven | 2. Royal Sapphire emulsion wall paint, Wickes [Buy One Get One Free on all Wickes Colour @ Home and Dulux Coloured Emulsion paint until Sunday 21st Feb.] | 3. Bonbon side table by Luca Nichetto for Verreum | 4. ‘The Box and the Cube’ Modular stools, Lina Furniture |  5. Euphoria cushion cover, Amazon.

Bringing the Film in: Monsoon Wedding

Film Outside In Monsoon Wedding2

main image via Pandora Films

Monsoon Wedding is one of those amazing films that leaves you feeling all kinds of emotions whether it’s joy, excitement and even sadness at times. That’s the genius of good film making. Monsoon Wedding is such a visual feast- so many rich colours like marigold, warm yellows and deep orange mixed with earthy tones and anchored with different shades of black and purple. It seems that if any country knows how to throw a wedding party it is India! Indian weddings make my own wedding look like a picnic in comparison.

This film ties in perfectly with the new colour-of-the-year as announced by Dulux called ‘Cherished Gold’. You’ll see any number of items filtering through onto the market soon in shades of saffron and old gold.

If you fancy watching a film full of music, dancing, colour, romance and drama then add it to your watch list, then check out the items above as inspiration for your own home!


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1. Tealeaf terracotta decorative tile, Waterworks | 2. Camilla cushions in velvet and linen, Neptune | 3. Saraille lemongrass linen fabric, Designers Guild | 4. Jethou sofa in sunshine matt velvet, | 5. Ceiling light, Phillips and Wood.

Bringing the Film In: Australia

Film In_Australia

Main image via

Hi All,

So, this one is a controversial one. I personally LOVED the film Australia, (the one directed by Baz Luhrmann in 2008) but I know so many people didn’t. People said it was too long, Nicole was too stiff, it was too ‘hyperreal’- but I thought it was visually stunning. I loved that people around the world were getting an insight into the lives of Australian Aboriginals in 1939, and I suppose, well, it’s because I am Australian and it made me feel proud to be from a place with such incredibly diverse landscape. The contrast between the amazing natural harbours and the dry, arid plains in the outback. What an amazing place! Continue Reading →