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Hi Everyone! My blog has been nominated for the Amara Interior Blog Awards in the ‘Best Interior Designer/Stylist Blog’ category for the second year running.

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Latest styling: Aram Store

When I was commissioned to style a shoot for the Aram Store, excited was an understatement. I have always held the Aram Store in such high regard. The owner and founder Zeev Aram is a visionary, opening his first store in London in 1964. London had never seen anything like it. It was contemporary, consisting of clean lines and modernist materials, and it changed the direction of interiors in the UK from then on.

Aram store_FINAL

Eileen Gray is one brand that Aram holds the worldwide rights for. Eileen grew up in London and worked closely with many of the outstanding figures of the modern movement, including Le Corbusier and J J P Oud. One of Eileen Gray’s last tasks in the early 1970s was to work with Zeev Aram on the introduction of her designs onto the world market. Aram is the only UK source for the authentic products.

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Set Up An Outdoor Cinema This Summer

Shopping_Summer outdoors

Main image: Lights 4 Fun | Styling: Lucy Gough

Photography: Oliver Perrott

One of the things I am most looking forward to this summer is the outdoor cinema we are going to set up for our Annual Garden Party. (NB This makes our garden sound huge but it is actually your standard {tiny} London garden. It just so happens that in the summer our plants are in full bloom and it’s the nicest time to show it off!) We have been having this party for years and it coincides with my partner’s birthday so we thought this year we would make it extra special by setting up an outdoor cinema to watch late into the evening.

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Recent work: Couch

Hi All,

I thought I’d share some new images with you from a recent shoot I styled for Couch. Couch is a family-run business based in Wales and they have been producing couches and chairs for a number of generations. And I love the arts and crafts fabrics that they have in the new collection!


Photography by Ben Anders

They also have beautifully soft velvets and lovely natural linens. And one thing they can be commended on is that are 100% British! The manufacturing and upholstery is all done in their factory in Wales.  There aren’t many businesses that can say that!


What is an Interior Stylist?

Hi All,

I thought I would write a post today on exactly what an Interior Stylist does as I have realised lately that quite a lot of people have a) never heard of a Stylist and b) when I explain it to them- can’t believe that it’s a real job!

Quite a number of people don’t realise that the images that you see in a magazine/catalogue/website/blog had someone that created a concept and brought it to life- most people think that you simply turn up to a residential or commercial property and just shoot what you see. That couldn’t be further from the truth! So, here are the basics: (I also want to say that all shoots are different. Some are huge and some are much more simple. Some require weeks of planning and some don’t. Some require a huge team and others I do on my own. This is just an overview of what is possible on any shoot that I undertake).

– I call myself a Project Manager as well as a Stylist. This is because I am creatively in control of most of my shoots/ projects from beginning to end. There are often many other creatives involved i.e a creative agency, an editor, designers etc however on a lot of the projects I work on it is just me and the client that see the project out from beginning to end.

Stylists are used for a range of projects from advertisements to press lookbooks, magazine shoots, web shoots etc.

Interior Styling Aram Store

Aram Store | Styling: Lucy Gough | Photography: Simon Bevan

– The creative concept comes together after researching trends, (usually a lot of research is involved for each project and takes up a large percentage of my time) moodboarding looks and ideas, colour palettes, surfaces, lighting effects, camera angles and anything needed to get your vision across.

– You need to find the perfect location for a shoot. Stylists have a number of contacts with location agencies to help with this but once you find a location there is a usually a recce involved to make sure it fits the brief, also to make sure there is good access to the property (you have to make sure that sofa fits through the door!), you may also need to measure up areas for when you brief the set builder.

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Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Christmas Show


In December last year I was asked to take part in the Christmas tree challenge on Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Christmas TV show! It was such an exciting opportunity and I was really looking forward to seeing what the production side of a TV show was like.

Raise the Roof Productions were amazing. Such a cool, energetic team of people who made us all feel comfortable from the start. We filmed at Blenheim Palace- a monumental country house situated in Oxfordshire. The palace is quite literally one of the most breathtaking places I have ever visited in the UK. It’s huge! and the grounds are like something out of a story book.

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