Trend: Block Colour and Pattern

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One of my favourite trends for 2016 is all about block colour and pattern! It’s so perfect for the current summer season with the positive, happy vibes that it puts out.

The main image above is from Dulux Australia. Dulux is always streaks ahead when it comes to trend forecasting and the image above says it all. The graphic paint colours on the wall mixed with the cosmic energy coming from the sky outside is so exciting right now in interiors! (cosmic patterns are a huge new trend that I will bring to you in the coming weeks.)

Don’t forget the easiest way to update your interior is by using paint techniques so why don’t you follow the lead of Dulux and try some bold colours in your home this weekend? Then you can accessorise around that with some of the items above. Clashing colour = so awesome right now!


1. Bazaar Paper Vase, Unique and Unity | 2. Profile Vase, Andrea Branzi at Panik Design | 3. Metro chair in Designers Guild fabric, Delcor | 4. Cushion, H&M Home.

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Bringing the Film In: Reaching for the Moon

Film in_Reaching for the moon2

Main image via Chroma Design Collective

Hi All,

Todays Bringing the Film In is one of my favourite films of 2013. Reaching for the Moon (Flores Raras as it’s known in Brazil) is a true love story involving Elizabeth Bishop (one of the most famous female American poets of the 20th century) and Lota de Macedo Soares a brilliant self-taught architect from Brazil. Lota is well known in design circles as being the visionary behind the Flamengo Park in Rio.

The film is set in the 1950’s and 1960’s against a backdrop of incredible mid-century design. Think of the set of Single Man with Colin Firth but with a mainly female cast. Stunning retro furniture and a colour palette of of earthy tones like sage green, ochre yellows and salmon reds. It’s a feast for the eyes!

The main image above is a still from the film of Lota’s home in Brazil that she designed herself. She was a true visionary, never allowing anyone to stand in her way when it came to expressing her creativity.

If you want to bring a bit of Reaching for the Moon into your home then check out the items above!


1. Turini black cutlery, Habitat | 2. Scott 3-seat sofa, | 3. Tiara tray, Marimekko at Amara | 4. Asti side table by Jader Almeida, The Conran Shop | 5. Axis vase, 6. Spring flower rug,

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Latest trend: Jungle Fever!

Trend_Jungle Fever

Hi All!

I’m sorry for the radio silence for the last fortnight. I have had a number of big shoots on and I also gave a really exciting talk at the Heal’s store on Tottenham Court Road last week that I had to prepare for.

It was a wonderful event put on by the KLC Design School to a room full of about 120 design addicts! We talked about about the Styling industry, tips and tricks to make your home feel like a magazine and also about the latest trends on the interiors market. I’m so sorry to all those who missed out but hopefully there will be more in the not-to-distant future!

Today I’m bringing to you one of those trends that I talked about in my presentation last week and thought I would show you where you can buy some of the items to fit the look.

I am obsessed with all things emerald green and walnut at the moment so this is perfect if you are anything like me! Especially with the summer coming up and now is probably the time that you are thinking of sprucing up your home for the upcoming season.

Check out the items above. What are your thoughts on the look above?


Main image via The Style Files

1. Crosley record player, Urban Outfitters | 2. Barcelona floor lamp, Jonathan Adler | 3. Linea Palm branch, House of Fraser | 4. Honeycomb vase, West Elm at John Lewis | 5. Pineapple silk cushion, Silken Favours at Amara | 6. Lovbacken table, Ikea | 7. Manila fabric, Sanderson.


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10 of the Best House Numbers

Door numbers

Hi All,

I hope you have had a lovely week so far!

One thing I love about Britain are the vast number of different coloured front doors, door knockers and house numbers that you find on every street. No two are the same and I love seeing how adventurous some people are with their colour choices. So, I thought I’d show you some of my favourite house numbers that could complement the many front doors out there in the UK.

Hopefully you’ll agree that there is something for everyone in the round-up above. I’m particularly fond of item number 4- the mid-century ones. They are made of vitreous porcelain clay and are suitable for both indoors and out. They wouldn’t look out of place in an amazing 60’s property or even on the front door of the Flinstones!

I also have a soft spot for item number 9. They are sourced from old Soviet buildings and are available from this etsy store. And there is no denying the beautiful craftsmanship that has gone into the smooth timber numerals from Another Country (item number 10). Those talented guys always put quality above anything else!

Which one is your favourite?


1. Ceramic House Tile, SoMiTileworks at Etsy | 2. Slate tile, Homebase | 3. Flowering Brass house sign, Anthropologie | 4. Handmade Prairie tile, PrairieMileTile at Etsy | 5. French metal door signs, I Love Retro at Notonthehighstreet | 6. Art Deco House Sign, Lumley Designs | 7. Illuminated Sign Light Lamp, eBay | 8. Carlisle Brass door number, Leader Stores | 9. Vintage Soviet sign, 888 Vintage Shoppe at Etsy | 10. House numerals, Another Country.

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Shop Love: FactoryLux

Hi All!

I hope you have had a lovely week so far!

Today’s post is about a wonderful, inspiring business that I know well and have been featuring in various publications over the past 4-5 years. FactoryLux are a truly extraordinary business model. *NOTE* If you want to start up a business- follow in their footsteps!

I visited their awesome factory in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire last year and had a tour of the place as well as getting a chance to make my own industrial light. It was clearly obvious from the beginning that this place was different to other factories. The employees seemed really happy and driven- a testament to the founders and management. It didn’t feel like ‘work’- more like a bunch of people making lights because they actually wanted to.

They had recently moved into a huge new space with massive windows on every wall- there is so much natural light! And it helps that the communal areas are styled with well-designed furniture, (cool industrial pieces alongside vintage ones) and of course- amazing light fittings throughout.


FactoryLux (or Urban Cottage Industries as some people know it as) was founded in 2007 when a couple of brilliant people saw the opportunity to sell old, industrial lighting from big, old redundant factories throughout the country and little did they know industrial lighting would become a massive trend that is still continuing today.

In 2014, Factorylux launched ‘Made For You’ the world’s first next day bespoke lighting service. And, this is mainly what I want to tell you about today! It’s such a simple, brilliant concept.

Head to the Made for You section of their site and what you’ll see is an easy-to-use drop down menu. (see above for an idea of what the site is like).

From there you choose the following:

  • Your style of lampshade (or no lampshade if you just want an exposed bulb)
  • Colour of the lampshade (they even have classic shiny gold now!)
  • Lamp holder
  • Ceiling rose
  • Chain style
  • Flex style and colour (they have around fifty to choose from!)
  • Light bulb shape and style
  • And you even have the option to have is assembled for you or they can send you the parts and you assemble it at home yourself.

Then they deliver it the next day to you! Amazing. Nothing leaves their premises that isn’t of the highest quality and tested a million ways. Safety first!

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Bathroom inspiration

I am constantly planning my next home decoration project. Surely I’m not the only one? It’s like an obsession. I may not always follow through but I just love coming up with new ideas for our home. For me personally- I spend so much time here as I live AND work from home (when I am not shooting on location, propping or out at meetings etc) so I feel like I need to feel inspired by the space that I spend so much time in.

So, the next room we want to tackle is the bathroom. It hasn’t been decorated in the seven years that I have been here so I think it’s about time! Our bathroom is slightly unusual in that the only bathroom we have in our Victorian Terrace is downstairs at the back of the house. Most houses like ours are two beds and a bathroom upstairs but we have three beds upstairs and a bathroom downstairs that was a 1970’s addition.

We keep um-ing and ah-ing about whether to extend the back of our home (since we watched Sarah Beeny’s ‘Double your house for half the money’. Thanks, Sarah for planting that seed!) and the points that we keep coming back to are:

1. If we extended our house we would need to move the bathroom upstairs and sacrifice a bedroom for it.

2. If we don’t extend our house and choose only to renovate our bathroom now and then decide to renovate the house in a few years time, will we just be wasting money?

So, what I am researching at the moment are some inspiration images of bathrooms that you don’t have to do a complete makeover to achieve. I have always been pretty obsessed by surface materials and textures in my Interior Styling projects- I love when there is a visible grain in timber or a chunky weave in linen or even rust in a metallic finish.

You may disagree and say that you would need a complete renovation to achieve any of the looks below- but I am looking mainly at the statement areas in each picture. For example, it is easy to clad a wall in burnt larch (see image one, below). Builders can more or less clad over any existing surface.

It’s easy to replace your existing shower head with a matt black one. It’s also a simple job to mount a large mirror along one wall to accentuate the length of the wall.

Bathroom Inspiration

Being Australian, I think it’s a pretty normal thing to be inspired by any room or building that is modelled after a wool shed (!). (see pic 2) Corrugated iron is one of my favourite materials. I love the raw nature of it. If you don’t like the rustic look then Colourbond (AUS) or Accord Steel cladding (UK) do the same material in practically any colour that you want!

To finish off the look- old taps are easy to come by at car boots or ebay and using them in place of your existing chrome one helps to achieve the industrial/utilitarian look.

I adore the pic below (number 3). Simple neutrals with an accent of brass. We have a bath similar to this so I am thinking of re-painting it in a crisp white.

Bathroom Inspiration2

I love the black units in this bathroom. This image (number 4) is a new collection from Roper Rhodes and shows off their Burford Slate Grey bathroom suite. I also love the simplicity of the bulb pendant lights wrapped around what essentially could be a broom handle painted black!

We have white floor tiles at the moment and you can clean them one day and they’ll be dirty the next. I will never have white floor tiles again! Loving these Victorian inspired tiles above. They look great and hide the dirt!

Lastly, the pic below (number 5) is too good not to share. I spotted this copper beauty at Decorex last year and it stopped me in my tracks. It’s tiny! Perfect for a small bathroom. It’s only about 1250mm long so it’s essentially a half the size of a standard bath but with all the curves and beautiful features of a full-size slipper bath. Hurlingham Baths have a few of these small baths to choose from. They would fit perfectly into a flat!

I’d love to know which picture is your fave. It might help me decided what to do!

Bathroom Inspiration3

1. via My Deco Love Photo by Terence Chin | 2. Photo from ‘Firefly House’ at Unique Home Stays | 3.Photo by Brooke Holm of a project by Shareen Joel via My Scandinavian Home | 4.  Burford Slate Grey Bathroom from Roper Rhodes | 5. Photo by Lucy Gough of Hurlingham Baths.

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